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Daemon Host

The first member of my Inquisitors warband. I’m yet to come up with a name for her/ it.

Other members and a bit of background coming soon.

Daemon Host

10 thoughts on “Daemon Host

  1. I like the look of where this is going. Is she a scratch build?
    The blank face is so creepy!

    1. Thanks very much. I’m pretty pleased with how she turned out.
      To answer your question, she is a scratch build of sorts. I run a 3D print and design company and I wanted a unique model, so I modeled her in 3D and then printed her out. I then added a few GW bits and some green stuff to finish her off.

      Struggling for a name to give her. Do you have any thoughts?

  2. Brilliant! I’ve been wondering to myself for a while if anybody would use 3D printers for their hobby, yours is the first I’ve seen!
    It’s hard to say without a bit of background, is she an advisor? destroyer? seductress? If you’re following the pattern set with the canon daemonhosts they all have sort of angelic names.

    1. She will be a destroyer for sure as she’s one of three sisters, one of which is the Inquisitor who bound a Daemon in her. I’ll have a think on it.

      3D printing is handy. I will be making a few bits soon like mechanical arms and base details and if you’d like I could post them off to you to try out?

      1. That’s a great idea; What a cruel woman!
        I would love that, let me know how much you want for them 🙂

      2. Once they are finished I’ll message you and you’ll just need to pay for the postage. The only request I make is that you use them on your Pilgryme models 🙂

      3. Wow, thank you! That sounds like a good deal to me 😉

      4. No problem. 🙂 Watch this space!

  3. She looks statuesque. Awesome stuff man. 3D printed. Wow. A lot of what I’ve seen as far as 3D printed looks a little Naff, this however is really cool. Well done.

    1. Thanks very much. Yeah most of the printed stuff would be using FDM technology, we use SLA, which has a much higher resolution and is capable of producing really fine detailed prints.

      I will be posting up some more examples soon. 🙂

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