With the growing back log of models sitting on my desk that need painting, it is wonder why I chose to convert and paint this in one evening. Well I can only put it down to the over powering need for BLOOD!! And maybe the desire to paint something red.

Not having painted red in awhile and with some models in the pipe line that need it I thought I’d give it a go again. So what to paint?……….. Khorne is red, red is Khorne.         The only option really then is a Berzerker.

It felt good to paint him and it was a pretty quick method to, so I will be doing my Space Hulk Blood Angel Terminators the same way.

Hope you like him.

Child of Terra

This is my project that uses kit bashing, sculpting and 3D printing.

The idea behind this model is to portray what a child would be like in the seething mass that is Terra.

A child is hope but that hope has already been damaged due to the harsh reality of his surroundings, his crude bionic leg is a testiment to that and the skull he cradles in his arms shows loss of a different more brutal kind.

His gaze is down cast and mournful but there is a peace to him, a resignation to the life he leads under the ever watchfull gaze of the Emperor in the decaying, sprawling halls of Terra.



The inspiration for this piece has been John Blanche and his ever inspirational art and figure painting, Ian Miller whos art is always at hand, and my fellow hobbyists who have embraced the Pilgryme path and continue to push the boundries of this hobby that we so dearly love. Your creativity knows no bounds and I thank you for being awesome.

Next pictures to come will be painted ones!

The Harpy

The Harpy of Gelleth Prime.

I did this picture this morning showing the Harpy on her homeworld. I wanted it to look as if you were meeting her for the first time and so had to take a shot of her so she looked intimidating.

I will be doing a picture like this for the rest of the war band members as well.

Hope you like it.


The Harpy

Painted Print

Here’s my 3D printed daemon host Tisiphone all painted and ready to terrorize. The detail the print achieved was really nice and she painted well and in one sitting.

I have another project on the go that uses 3D printing, sculpting and good old hacking up of bits, which I will post up soon.

Let me know what you think 🙂


Daemon host2