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Anatomica Praebitores. The Dr

Started the painting with the good Dr here. Setting the tone for the rest of the group. Blood splatters galore!!


8 thoughts on “Anatomica Praebitores. The Dr

  1. Excellent. Great paint job. He looks filthy and bloody and awesome.

  2. The face is great

  3. Thank you. These guys were so much fun to create and painting them all filthy and unsanitary is only the right thing to do 😄

    1. Definitely one of my faves

  4. He looks so gross with his dried blood and rusty tools. I bet any victims of his surgery would end up with a lot of infections, probably killing them anyway!

    1. Yes indeed. It’s all about the parts to them.

  5. oooh yeeah! Now this is gribbly perfection! Love the head!

    1. Thanks Marcus! The rest are being splattered soon.

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