7 thoughts on “The Harpy of Gelleth Prime

    1. Thanks! I like to use a very limited palette and apply the paint thinly and loosely building up the layers. I also make use of inks a lot in my painting and of course washes ( where would we be without those 🙂 ) I never concentrate on one area at a time so I get the colours moving through the whole model. Oh yeah, and very rarely have clean water to wash my brushes. I like the homogeneous effect it creates. Also I find you should never be afraid to try different approaches, like her tattered robes for example, I slapped a load of watered down yellow ink over the base coat of bone and sepia wash and then did the same to the wings. It gave a nice weathered green effect, which I then highlighted up and added flesh washes to. Like with modelling experimenting is fun!

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      1. Thanks for write up!
        Sounds interesting, I’m hearing of more and more people using inks and unusual mediums when they’re painting there models; I think I’ll have to give it a go myself 🙂

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