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The Harpy of Gelleth Prime

Part of my Inquisitors war band.


7 thoughts on “The Harpy of Gelleth Prime

  1. Wow man. What a piece of art. The wings look amazing. Very realistic in an unrealistic way.

  2. Cheers! The wings were really fun to paint, I wanted an unhealthy fleshy look.

  3. Gorgeous! She’s another really nice model. Your painting is really nice, any tips? 🙂

    1. Thanks! I like to use a very limited palette and apply the paint thinly and loosely building up the layers. I also make use of inks a lot in my painting and of course washes ( where would we be without those 🙂 ) I never concentrate on one area at a time so I get the colours moving through the whole model. Oh yeah, and very rarely have clean water to wash my brushes. I like the homogeneous effect it creates. Also I find you should never be afraid to try different approaches, like her tattered robes for example, I slapped a load of watered down yellow ink over the base coat of bone and sepia wash and then did the same to the wings. It gave a nice weathered green effect, which I then highlighted up and added flesh washes to. Like with modelling experimenting is fun!

      1. Thanks for write up!
        Sounds interesting, I’m hearing of more and more people using inks and unusual mediums when they’re painting there models; I think I’ll have to give it a go myself 🙂

  4. Sweet paintjob! Very blanchean feel(which is great)
    The colours on the wings are great

    1. He is the King of all things grim and the reason I got into the hobby in the first place. Thanks for liking 🙂

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