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With the growing back log of models sitting on my desk that need painting, it is wonder why I chose to convert and paint this in one evening. Well I can only put it down to the over powering need for BLOOD!! And maybe the desire to paint something red.

Not having painted red in awhile and with some models in the pipe line that need it I thought I’d give it a go again. So what to paint?……….. Khorne is red, red is Khorne.         The only option really then is a Berzerker.

It felt good to paint him and it was a pretty quick method to, so I will be doing my Space Hulk Blood Angel Terminators the same way.

Hope you like him.

11 thoughts on “BLOOD!

  1. Fan-bloody-tastic… Hehe see what I did there? This is an awesome model mate from everything from the cool base to all the paint work. The stance is spot on too. I hear you mate, I have so many models that need painting. I have made a start and will hopefully knock out a fair few this weekend. Keep up the great work man. It’s inspirational.

    1. Yes, very clever 😉 Yes they can mount up if you’re not careful. I’ve made a deal with myself that I will paint everything I’ve modeled before doing any more. Lets see how long I last 🙂 Thanks for the comments dude, I look forward to seeing your finished work soon.

      1. Haha I started with promising myself the same thing then thought why give myself rules in only going to break? Haha. Now I just model and model and model until I feel it’s time for a change and do some painting. We’ve all got to find our way I guess but there should be no rules I say!!

      2. True. I guess I’m at that point where I want to see more colour than grey. I love painting, but I suffer from the need to get it done in the quickest way possible and still have it look good. One model one sitting 🙂

      3. I had to learn patience.

  2. Very nice – that’s how a ten thousand year old super-human mutant serial killer should look! I’ve always liked the idea that Khorne berserkers never repainted their armour during the Heresy, they’re just so stained with blood that they look red. Obviously that’s a rubbish explanation when used to describe the studio models (and no longer in keeping with the official cannon anyway) but it’s very much how this model looks. 🙂

    1. Cheers. Yes I agree they need to look as if they bath in the stuff.

  3. Oh yeah – that’s how it’s done… love the aged & weathered look, love the freehand, love that face! Nice work dude 🙂

    1. Thanks very much!

  4. Super cool paintjob! I love the skull freehand

    1. Cheers mate! It was a challenge to do as I’ve not done it for a while.

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