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The Child of Terra painted

So I’ve been catching up with my painting rather well recently and I’m getting through the back log.

The next one to get the paint treatment is my Child of Terra. Pretty pleased with the result and I managed to get it looking the way I wanted it from the beginning ( sometimes things go a different way )

Comments and views are always welcome 🙂


14 thoughts on “The Child of Terra painted

  1. That really is something special right there… it’s like a piece of Blanchian art brought to life, and I can’t really think of any praise higher than that… I love it.

    1. Thanks Alex. Yes that is the highest praise. He’s been such an influence in my life and this is, in it’s own little way, in honour of that.

      1. And a worthy one it is… fantastic mate.

  2. That is truly amazing, you can lose yourself in it… Outstanding vision.

    1. Thanks muppetman. It was a joy to make and paint.

  3. Beautiful piece! Really moody and sad. The terrain represents well the possibilities and strangeness of Terra.

    1. Cheers! I’ve always wanted to try and capture what parts of Terra may look like. I’m building myself up to make a board piece ( a rather daunting prospect )

  4. Holy crap!! This is more awesome than I was expecting. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this artwork painted. You’ve done so well with colour selection. Incredible, INCREDIBLE job man! I’ve saved the pix. I hope that’s ok.

    1. Of course it’s ok and thank you for your comments mate.

  5. Just echoing what the others have said – that’s a wonderful piece, full of poignancy and melancholy.

    1. Thanks Wudugast! It was a great little project to do and I’m glad you like it.

  6. Wow! You’ve pinpointed the colour and feel of the latest JB works perfectly. This is truly beautiful and one of my all time favourite models!

    1. Thanks dude! Glad you like it. It’s kind of a homage to the master of Dark Illumination 🙂

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