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The Penitent Heart in colour

Well I finnally got some time for hobby action and decided to paint my Pilgryme The Pentitent Heart.

On the whole I’m pretty proud of him, the only thing is the free hand and my need to get more practice in. Painting images on miniatures is a whole different ball game compared to doing it on paper, but with more ideas in the making and more armour to paint I will have plenty of practice 🙂

As for his fellow Pilgrymes they are on hold at the moment, as I find myself caught in an unavoidable descent into Chaos!


10 thoughts on “The Penitent Heart in colour

  1. Mate he is extraordinary!! Amazing paint job. I love the, what I think is, blood streaks from his eyes and mouth. In fact his entire head is very dark, grim and just perfect. Very impressive my friend.

    1. Thanks dude! The head I’m very happy with. The streaks of red are war paint and I think it gives him a more brutal aspect.

  2. Very cool – I love the stance you achieved, and nice job on the yellow! It’s a sod of a colour to work with dude, so hats off to you

    1. Yes yellow is a pain, but I do like it 🙂

  3. Outstanding work, man! That head is very eerie as well, a great build overall 🙂

    1. Cheers mate! Finding the right bits took a while, and I’m glad it worked.

  4. Brilliant! I stand by what I said earlier, he is the best true scale marine I’ve seen. And that yellow!

    1. You are too kind my man! Thank you very much 🙂

  5. He’s pretty damn cool. Lovely freehanding plus I especially like the red colour of the robes.

    1. Cheers! The red robes were originally cream coloured but I’m glad I changed it, the red works better and is more in keeping with the Chapter.

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