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The Blight Mother

The descent into Chaos has begun! I hear the nurturing call of the Blight Mother, mistress of decay, chosen of Nurgle, the womb of plagues and she is sitting on my work bench primed and ready for painting.

I have been collecting grey bits for this project for a while now and I finally have enough       ( at least to start with ) for my Nurgle army. This first model is a 3D print of one of my champions, the Blight Mother. She was an experiment that turned out well and I plan to offer her as a model to buy through the Black Earth shop very soon. More on that later.

So for now here’s the first pic of this project, one which I haven’t undertaken in quite a while. Building an army worthy of Nurgle!

Blight mother1

5 thoughts on “The Blight Mother

  1. Very creepy… quite disturbing in fact! Love it!

    1. Creepy is cool! Glad you like it

  2. It’s like something from a Salvador Dali painting. Well done. I really like. I’m looking forward to seeing what Black Earth unearths!

  3. She looks excellent – I’m watching what you’re doing with Black Earth with great interest 🙂

    1. Cheers! There is more to come soon 🙂

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