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Angel of the Gathering Blood

A quick post for a quick conversion and I’m going for a quick paint. I shall only use inks, washes, tin bitz and white scar.


7 thoughts on “Angel of the Gathering Blood

  1. Oh wow, she is amazing dude… increadible!

    1. Cheers Alex.

  2. Incredible!! I love this model. Such fine detail. Great work.

  3. Thanks mate. She’s going to be a bit of a painting experiment.

  4. That is a phenomenal conversion – what kits were used?

    1. Thanks. I used Neferata as the base model and gave her a screaming banshee head with green stuff for the blind fold and dread lock hair. Wings from dark eldar and the blood cauldron is from the Mortis engine kit with some forge world mechanicum parts. The base was 3D printed. I was aiming for a good sense of movement.

      1. Inspirational – thanks!

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