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Nurgle Raptors

These unpleasent fellows are the Raptors of my Nurgle army.

I have tried to model them to look as if the jump packs have morphed with their bodies with diseased flesh and muscle, that coupled with their daemonic form makes for some fast looking Plague Bearers.

I have two more to go and then it’s onto the Herald and finally finishing my Plague Worm.

Watch this space 🙂


15 thoughts on “Nurgle Raptors

  1. Very nasty… by which I mean nice of course 🙂

    1. Naturally 🙂

  2. Brilliant! I’m impressed.

    1. Cheers Thomas! They’ve been great fun to make.

  3. These are great Mr Heresy! You have fused organic matter with metal very well. Can we see more pictures please?

    1. Thanks! I’ll get some up ASAP.

  4. Very nice work – I like that it calls back to the aesthetic of the Forgeworld Blight drones. I have kit bashed up a similar themed squad, but with bits from Kromlech and some other 3rd parties.

    1. Thanks mate. Are there pictures on your blog? I’d like to see them.

      1. No pics on blog – I’ll try and dig some out for you.

      2. Excellent! Love your Nurgle marines by the way. Very cool.

      3. Quick upload of some final Terminators & Hellbrute I finished tonight and some old WIP pics of my Nurgle Raptors:

  5. Just awesome, they look, well… terrifying!

    1. Thanks dude.

  6. […] break out my Nurgle Plague Marine project. These guys will eventually be part of an army with the Raptors that are still needing finishing and a massive Plague Worm as the centre piece. All in all a lot […]

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