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The shape of things to come

Hello all!

Today I have a little teaser of what’s coming soon. This is a prototype and I will be posting what I’ve done with it in the next week or so.

Any thoughts or questions please fire at will.



7 thoughts on “The shape of things to come

  1. Is it going to be an alien or some sort of daemon? Very pert either way.

    1. It could be. 😉

      1. I thought so. 😉

  2. Thoughts? Awesome.
    Questions? Many, like ‘what is she?’ and ‘where/when can I get one?’

    1. Cheers Alex. She’s evil and very soon 🙂

  3. I just found your bolg today and it will be my reading activity during the whole weekend 🙂 and this deamon bodies, whoa I loved them! I wish I could sculpt like this! You’ve printed then in a ordinary 3D printing? it looks amazing!

    1. Glad you like what you see and I hope you enjoy reading my little corner of our hobby. The parts I print will be available soon 😊

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