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Megaera the Withered

Shunned by Slaanesh and left to wither, Megaera is but a bitter, evil shell of a Daemonette she once was. Mutated and twisted, Slaanesh loves to torment her and so she is always accompanied by a troup of daemonettes as a reminder to her of all she was and all she has lost.

Taunting her they tease and dance around her, enraging her until the exquisit torment becomes too much and she explodes into a blood thirsty frenzy. Laughing, her daemon tormenters are only to happy to join in with the blood shed.


So I’ve finished painting my Daemonettes with 3D printed bodies and I modeled and painted Megaera quickly today. The model you see below is just a concept and I shall be making another one of her soon.

I like the idea of a tormented daemon that is mocked and shunned. Forced to endure for the pleasure of Slaanesh, she can’t help but take pleasure in his desire to punish her and goad her into frenzied acts of violence.dmet7dmet8dmet6dmet1dmet2dmet5dmet3dmet4


8 thoughts on “Megaera the Withered

  1. So you have! These are totally different to what I was expecting, but no less brilliant for it. The shiny red was a good choice, looking like a cross between a latex suit and a flayed body. Megaera is an interesting character, I hope to read more about her in the future 🙂

    1. Thanks Remnante. I was trying to move away from flesh tones for them, making them brighter and more unnatural looking. Megaera has been in my head for a while now and I’m glad she’s out 🙂 I want to remodel her maybe go a little bigger.

      1. Bigger how? I’m thinking an everlasting pregnancy might suit her very well (seems particularly torturous to a daemonette) or maybe cover her in hideous growths?

      2. That’s a cool idea. Really bloated and painfull. Grim!

  2. Very cool – the slick red is really amazing! It’s very unexpected, I had to do a double-take and zoom in to appreciate it in full. Megaera rocks 🙂

    1. Cheers Alex. I’m pretty pleased with them.

  3. Ooh – I like her! Very twisted 🙂

    1. Thanks wudu! Twisted is best 🙂

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