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The Chapel w.i.p 1

Today I have a few images to share of what’s on the work bench and also the low down on one awesome material.

It’s called Magilight. I’ve been using this stuff for ages and I first got introduced to it in my years in Dentistry. Magilight is an acrylic but in putty form, so you can mold it into pretty much whatever shape you want and with the use of vasiline you can do a degree of modeling but nothing to detailed. The trick up it’s sleeve though is it’s setting properties and this magic stuff only needs 5 mins of UV light to set rock hard! It’s a good material for bases and most of my models you see in this blog have got it on somewhere. Below is a few picks of my progress with a Ghost character I am making for  The Chapel and you can see how I’ve used it.


More work is needed and a few more bits to be added but soon she will be haunting the many halls of The Chapel.

These next few characters are ready for painting and then I’ll have to decide what to call them.



11 thoughts on “The Chapel w.i.p 1

  1. Excellent!

  2. Wow man. Really great stuff. So can I buy these things from you? I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes haha. The big one is cool. A Machine God.

    1. Cheers mate. Yes you will be able buy hopefully soon. The God Machine is just a prototype at the moment.

      1. Can you give me the link to the website please? I’ll bookmark it.

      2. The website isn’t up yet. You can follow though on instagram. Myself heresy_of_us and blackearthbitz for all Black earth stuff.

  3. The prototype machine god looks familiar … can i ask how much the skull pyramids are ?

    1. Well you were an inspiration for that one and we were working on some drone designs at work at the time which I based parts of the body and rotors on. If you send me an email with your address I’ll get one sent out to you – Consider it a gift :)Love your work by the way, really inspiring stuff 🙂

      1. Well dare i say you improved on the design ?.. This looks much more baroque and bayonetta to my eye.. Also loving your work.. The child of terra is what brought me here.. Just such a brilliant piece if narrative modelling. But all the mini dios are great and very imaginative.

      2. Thanks Neil. The child of terra was a great piece to work on, from start to finish it just flowed. I have another piece that’s waiting for the paint splatter, which carries on with the same theme, the innocence of children in a dystopian future interests me greatly and I’m trying to create situations we can relate to when we were kids and the ones that no one can prepare you for, like loss, death and poverty. Glad you like what you see 🙂

  4. Yes that is a great theme , I have something in the same ilk planned myself , not so innocent though ..i hinted at it within the 2nd age of darthur a lord of the flies type situation. But your idea of exploring the idea of loss etc.. Is very interesting ..i shall keep my eyes peeled for that one. Really interesting work all around though. Your deco style sets your work apart. It reminds me of the architecture of gears of war.

    1. Yes a lord of the flies set in the 40k imperium is an excellent idea. It suits the mythos of 40k so very well. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

      The next children of terra is one of finding, awe and fear of the unknown seen through the eyes of a brother and sister. Well that’s what I’m aiming for anyway ☺

      Glad you like my work and the skulls are on their way.

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