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The Lady Marisa

The Chapel is a haunted place and so it’s unsurprising that there’s a few “disgruntled at being dead” ghosts floating around.

One such ghost is The Lady Marisa. This poor trapped soul spents her years floating around the many dark places of The Chapel looking mournful and preying on anyone who gets too close to one of her stacks of skulls she has littered around the place.

Like all the Ghosts her story is one of woe and betrayal and the eternal exsistance she is in has turned this once proud women into a monster of bitter anger streaked with intense jealousy of the living. This obviously has something to do with her possessive nature over her skull collections.




” Don’t get to close to the stacks of skulls you see laying around the place my boy. For your’s could join it “


This is the first of about 6 ghosts I shall be making for The Chapel. It was a great model to make and painting it allowed me to try a few colours out that I don’t usually use. I’m toying with the idea that each one should be a different colour.




8 thoughts on “The Lady Marisa

  1. Wow, she’s stonkingly good mate, great paint job, and brilliant base to boot! I’ve been trying to figure her out, but I give up… how’s she made??

    1. She’s based on part of the Mortis engine with a female vamp head from the same kit and then finished with magilight and green stuff. Glad you like her!

      1. Very nice mate!

  2. Incredible mate. Definitely go for a different colour per ghost. Each one could possibly represent something. Maybe go for 7 ghosts and do the 7 deadly sins.

    1. Thanks dude! 6 is number for this particular project but I must say I’ve always wanted to do a 7 deadly sins theme.

      1. What about 6 sins of the Holy Spirit? I like themes haha

  3. Excellent conversion. A pitty I can not buy her as is. Nevertheless a true inspiration!

    1. Cheers! She was fun to make.

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