][ The Chapel ][


The Chapel is a small planet that rotates slowly around it’s blue tinged sun. In fact to call it a planet is not entirely correct as it’s no bigger than a small moon. It’s location is somewhere in the Segmentum Obscurus and it is a mysterious and haunted place, where many secrets lie and getting there by ship is not the only means a traveler can use to get there. Webway portals are known to exist but the location of these are a well guarded secret.

Many types of humanity populate its underground hive structure and it’s surface is only sparsely populated, usually around or in the albino like forests that cover areas situated around it’s equator. The rest of The Chapel is rocky mountains and plateaus.


Underground The Chapel is teaming with life and many factions of humanity have made it there home either willingly or otherwise as the mysteries and knowledge contained within The Chapel are endless and very desirable to many. Vast libraries, catacombs, factories and labs are to be found in it’s labyrinth like halls as well as all the dangers of gangs, heretics and worse.

The Chapel is many things but it’s most bizarre and somewhat unsettling characteristic is that it has the ability to play tricks on the mind and many a traveler has come to a sticky end due to it’s, lets say, dark sense of humor. Those who have inhabited it for a while become used to or even, in some cases, immune to it’s fickle ways but it is clear that the space between realities is thin on The Chapel

The ruler of this strange place is unclear and many rumours abound at who it is. Some say the inquisition rule it and this is the most popular view but others have claimed to have seen the true rulers and stories have been told of giant armoured men imposing their law on those who cross them. Who ever rules makes no difference to the general population and they go about there lives existing by trading or working in one of the many factories that maintain the hives power sure in the knowledge that whoever is in charge is surely watching and for those who have lived long enough know that The Chapel most definitely is.


So this is my idea of The Chapel. I’m not that good at creative writing as you can tell but I wanted to get a basic description of what the setting is for an inq28 campaign. This is a rather large project and I have much to do and I hope to get some of you involved in it if anyone is up for it. So if Β you fancy writing fluff, designing a warband you’d like to commit to the campaign or making a skirmish board to use all is welcome. I’d really love to make this a collaboration so message me if you’d like to take part in The Chapel.

On another note those of you who wanted the free skull stack will be happy to know that they will be sent out beginning of next week and if you get one of the black ones then expect another package soon after.

Happy New Year to you all.

22 thoughts on “][ The Chapel ][

  1. I’m intrigued. I think you managed to portray the planet and the setting well. I’ll might have to give you a hand here. It could be a nice change of pace to do a one off like this. I can feel my head starting to spin already.

    Looking forward to get my hands on the skulls. The postal services over here has been quite poor lately so I feared that the skulls had been lost.

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    1. Cheers Thomas! I’ve always wanted to do a narrative campaign and create my own part of the 40k universe. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Yeah sorry for the delay in posting but I got pretty busy before christmas and then I was away for three weeks, just getting back in the swing of things now.

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  2. Wow man. I think your writing is just great. I was drawn in straight away. I’m not as knowledgable on the 40k world as many on here Id be honoured to help in any way that I can. Especially if it means making a little INQ Warband hehe. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all develops.

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      1. I’m located in Oregon, USA. I’ve got a Rogue Trader-inspired inquisitorial warband I’ve been meaning to paint up, plus all manner of sci-fantasy monsters and beasties.

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  3. Hey, I’ve been reading backwards through your blog and I love this project! I’m picturing the insides of the chapel like piranesi’s carceri : https://www.google.fr/search?q=piranesi+carceri&safe=off&client=firefox-b-ab&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjD6eCljsXVAhVDWBoKHfOiC2wQ_AUICigB&biw=1600&bih=848#imgrc=yxY2SraxeFAyvM:

    I’d love to contribute to this project in any way, probably won’t have the time to make a full warband but I’ll try to whip up some civilians or other npcs… If you need / want some illustrations I’d love to give it a try, you can see a few “realistic” drawings on my blog, though more aimed at aos28. let me know πŸ™‚

    Anyway, great blog, inspiring stuff!

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    1. Hello Pierre! Glad you like my work and yes I think you are spot on with Piransei Carceri. As far as making a few contributions I say knock yourself out. I’d love to have a few more artistic visualisations of The Chapel. Post me any images you want to my email found in my about page. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. πŸ™‚


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