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The Lash Banshee

The Lash Banshee is a ghost of wanton mayhem and destruction. A pure entity of chaos and she revels in it. Once a Tech Witch of  The Excoriator Cult she was caught in one of the many witch hunts that occur on the surface of The Chapel, her long lash like limbs tied around her, she was hung until dead. Her still lifless body was brought down and dumped in a hole in the ground and burried. This, as it turns out, was a massive mistake.

A Tech Witch must always be burned and she made her tormenters pay dearly for there oversight. Rising out of the ground her new found fury and power knew no bounds and as she slew the towns folk she came to the conclusion that they had done her a massive favour. She rather enjoyed this new unlife and has been a scourge on the living ever since.

The Lash Banshee appears to those who she feels will benifit from her presence, because you see it’s all a game and a bit of fun to help the living kill the living and some times people in The Chapel want a lot of people killed. These are joyus occasions to The Lash Banshee and she celebrates with over the top blood shed and haunting laughter, but she can get quite carried away and even those she is suposedly helping end up mangled. This is not much concern for her as she just shrugs her ghostly shoulders and dissapears into the gloom to find the next murderous soul.




This is the third ghost I’ve created for The Chapel and she was the quickest to make and paint so far. I wanted to be quite loose with the paint job, kinda blurry, to give an impression of movement. The pose helped with this too and the bits just seemed to work really well together.


Three down three to go! 🙂


10 thoughts on “The Lash Banshee

  1. Man that’s good. Superb painting, and super creepy! I love that photo taken from her left – she looks balletic at a casual glance, but very very wrong on closer inspection. Brilliant!

    1. Cheers mate. I’m pretty chuffed by the way her sense of movement came out. Hells dancer! 🙂

  2. What a bitch! I can hear her haunting laugh as I type this. Great model. The pose looks very “banshee” and the colours are spot on. Dull and ghostly with “lashings” of blood red. Very nice mate.

    1. Thanks mate. Got to love the lashings of blood!

      1. I love a bit of blood.

  3. Sounds like she was justified – if those hunters were daft enough not to know how to kill a tech-witch then they deserve what they got! Seriously, nice work mate – liking the way the slightly ‘dirty’ paintwork gives her an ethereal quality.

    1. Amateurs!! Cheers mate. They have been a good project as I’ve changed painting style for each. The next one will be the most detailed so I’ll have to be a lot more refined with my brush strokes.

  4. Fantasic work on her, and the story is a lot of fun too. I agree that pose is a perfect mix between an elegant dance and creepy WTF.

    1. Thanks Joe!

  5. […] about the Chapel project so far is the profusion of ghosts Mark has produced. From the terrifying lash-banshee to the almost-innocuous wisps, the Chapel is a place haunted by a profusion of spirits. The sort of […]

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