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Sinful Tiny Things

As well as Ghosts, dysfunctional servitors and the seething mass of humanity that inhabit the depths of The Chapel, you can find the little things that crawl, fly and creep around. They are many, and come in all sorts of appearances but the three main ones to be found are as follows.

From left to right


The Skull Crab, The Wraith Bat and  The Rat Devil.


All three can be found lurking in the shadows or running freely around and getting under foot or flying in your face and getting the crap scared out of you ( the Wraith Bats like doing this a lot ). A hindrance they can be but they can also be used to great effect.




Skull Crabs.

The Skull Crab can be found scuttling around fixing things, undoing things, replacing things and stealing things. No one know’s who builds them and there has been some speculation that one skull crab may make another and so on. This is of course an unnerving thought, because what happens when they get too many. Well that has already happened a few times in the history of The Chapel, one time in particular being the east side power plant that got over run with the tiny bastards. They systematicly went about dismantling the whole place and would have succeeded to if it wasn’t for the combined efforts of the worker gangs, which eventually stemmed the tide. A hunt was made soon after for any likely candidate you would have set such a thing in motion but none were found and so it remains a mystery as to why it happened even though it is still believed it was some plot to disrupt.

Another annoying thing about them is that they like to steal doors.




Wraith Bats.

Think homing pigeon but with the face of death. Yes that’s right these little flying monsters can be very useful for messaging. All they need is a message and a scent and off they go. It’s a talent they are very good at and it has been said that they can even fly through walls, which has never been witnessed so can’t be proven. One thing is certain though and that is they are filthy buggers and crap everywhere, they also have a tendency to fly in your face and scaring the crap out of you and then dropping something on your head, which may be a message or something else entirely.

They make good sport as well and many folk like shooting them.


Rat Devils.

The Rat Devils, or Rat Watchers as they can be known, are pretty inteligent and have been known to form gangs of their own, even aligning with a worker gang or other who they may benefit from. The reasons for this is usually territory as they don’t like it when the bigger folk start a fight that may result in their warrens being destroyed, if this happens they can get pretty frenzied and summon rather large rats to the cause, so it is not a bad thing to have a warren nearby but you do need to keep an eye on them. Some warrens may get too big and then the need for expansion starts and this often leads to contact with those around them. So homes can be over run, disease runs rampant and people die, which then leads to extermination or culling of their numbers until they retreat back.

You don’t want to feed them either as then they will never leave you alone.



Well that was a fun little part of The Chapel project and I hope the vision of what life is like in the depths is becoming clearer. I will be doing a post on the Albino Woods soon so the setting of the Ostium Guides and the Guild ( Thanks to Alex for that idea ) will take shape as it’s the first game to be played.

Keep the cool ideas coming!





20 thoughts on “Sinful Tiny Things

  1. Pretty neat in a grim sort of way. 🙂

    1. Thank you. I aim for grim 🙂

  2. Lurverly & gribbly mate, I think I’ve just discovered a new phobia for crab-skulls!

    1. Watch your toes!!

  3. And where do the skull crabs get their skulls from? …Best not to think about it… They’re all rather cute, sort of; very well put together!

    1. Cheers! Yes best not dwell on such things 🙂

  4. Haha what creepy little beings. The SkullCrabs are my favourite.

    1. Cheers mate. Yes I enjoyed making him. I need to make more! By the way did you get my email?

      1. No? Which email did you send it to?

      2. The one you registered to WordPress.

      3. Cheers mate.

  5. Excellent mate – you’re packing so much weird flavour into this. What did you use to make the legs on the skull crabs by the way?

    1. You shall soon find out 😉 and thanks dude.

  6. Looks like pest exterminators will have a tough time in the Chapel 🙂

  7. The wraith bats are my particular favourite, both lore and model wise. I’m thinking about making their mother; A bloated, brooding matriarch surrounded by a crow-like nest of lost parchment and stolen trinkets.

    1. That’ll be a cool model!

  8. Excellent work, mate!

    1. Thanks mate

  9. I am having a tough time deciding which is my favorite and each model, and more importantly, each story has its own awesome twist and intrigue. Great work on them

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