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The Angel of the Gathering Blood, Herald of the Heptameron.

“My Fathers Great Grand Father used to tell a tale to him when he was a boy and he in turn  has told it to me and now I tell it to you my boy.”

“It tells of an Angel of such wrathful beauty, blazing colour and dripping blood. She flys through the spaces of The Chapel gathering the lost and the damned, the loved and the cherished for all are welcome in her embrace. Voice so sweet it lures you in and it is said you fall helplessly in love with that Angel of colour and light, so much so that the changes she brings are welcomed with dying arms.”

“What sort of changes Grandpa, does she make you magical?”

“So the legend tells the change is one of transcendence, so yes you could say she makes you magical for you become part of something greater than yourself.”

“I don’t like change and it seems like a lot to give up for a icky girly thing like love”

“Ha ha ha, yes but you don’t yet understand how powerful love is. It is one of the strongest emotions we have and many a man has fallen for it and given up many things to pursue it”

“Not me! I’m tougher than that, if I see this Angel I’d tell it frak off! You’re not transcending me”

“My boy, if you see this Angel I suggest you run. For if she existed it would mean the doom of us all. Would you like to hear why?”

“Will it give me nightmares?”

“Oh most definitely.”


The Angel of the Gathering Blood, her Tzanguinors and the Cauldron of Offerings. Together they are the herald of the Heptameron, the evil that will rise like it has in histories past but for it to rise fully it needs the fuel of sacrifice, blood offerings and souls.

The Chapel has called and The Angel has risen. The gathering has begun and The Heptameron will have it’s share of souls to rise once again.





16 thoughts on “The Angel of the Gathering Blood, Herald of the Heptameron.

  1. Wow – that colour is something else! Knocked it out of the park with this one mate, both in terms of the painting and the conversion. Very impressed!

    1. Cheers bro. It was a real experiment for me and I’m happy with the out come. The Heptameron will rise!!!

  2. Holy shmokes… that is superb – very Burtonesque, and thoroughly disturbing. Love that greeny-yellow dude, that is special…

    1. Thanks mate. It was a bit of an experiment and I’m glad you like it.

  3. This is amazing! The colours are sickly and beautiful. Well done to you sir. You’re a bloody genius.

    1. High praise indeed! Cheers mate.

  4. Really nice stuff – fantastic greeny-yellow. What was the base for the heads on the two assistants?

    1. Thanks very much. They are daemonette heads and I used green stuff to sculpt over the eyes and nose.

  5. Nice pop on the colours – suitably unnatural/daemonic looking. I don’t hold out much hope for your Ostium guide hunting it down 🙂

    1. Cheers. The Angel is just the beginning 😉

  6. You just knocked the ball straight out of the park. The colours are amazing. Well done.

    1. Thanks mate. I don’t usually go for such brightness but it seemed to fit the image I wanted for the Heptameron

      1. The conversion is great, the wings (Scourge kit?) look so fitting. And the nuances on the feathers. Yeah. Really really cool!

      2. Yes they are. Cheers mate.

  7. Those are really nice models, and the colour scheme is unusual but very effective. Now let me just call for Exterminatus on whatever world they’re located on…

    1. Cheers Azazel. I think that maybe the only way to stop The Heptameron!

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