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Dead Wood

Just a quick one today. Here’s a dead tree stump that’s being produced at the moment.

I plan to use it for the Albino Woods board.

Hope you like it.


17 thoughts on “Dead Wood

  1. Ooh, I like those – cracking job mate! Are these likely to become available for purchase in the future?

    1. Yes they are thanks mate. I’ll let you know when. 🙂

      1. Brilliant, please do! 🙂

      2. I’d like to know as well, please.

  2. Very cool. How big are they?

    1. I’ll take a picture of a painted one with miniature comparison.

  3. How big a board are you planning?

    1. It’ll be a skirmish size board around 4ft by 4ft

      1. Will that include the Chapel entrance way?

      2. No that’s a separate board.

  4. Lovely mate. Will there be other variations?

    1. Thanks mate. Not at the moment but yes I should think so at some point.

      1. Coooooool man.

  5. Hi mate. I emailed you but couldn’t attach pix

    1. That’s cool mate. I’m looking forward to seeing the pics though. Will you do a post?

      1. You told me to show you the pix before I did the post but I can.

      2. Send them through mate and do a post. I’m going to be sending a map of the board soon and doing an Albino woods post. The focus will be on the towns folk and wytch cults that surround it.

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