The Scarlet Path

Tears mix with blood and it runs down his face. The shock and sting of loss so great it threatens to overcome him as his hand trembles over her masked face. He can’t bring himself to remove it for fear of seeing her lifeless eyes that had been so full of life stare blankly and without love at him.

Blood mixed with earth, he slams his fist into it! The loss has turned to rage as he casts his head up to find the back stabbing bastard looking at him from the entrance. He has a grin on his face and a heart in his hand. Drip, drip,drip, her blood hits the ground as he raises it and shouts

“The harvest has begun! May the Heptameron rise again and bring paradise to this world!”

Still grinning he turns around and disappears with what’s left of his group into the depths of The Chapel the only thing that can follow is a scream of loss and rage.

Thus it is that Æolus started on his Scarlet path and in time he will get his revenge as all he needs to do is find the right one, the traveler who will be the one to bring the Heptameron to it’s knees.


ostium guide5ostium guide6ostium guide7ostium guide8ostium guide9


My Ostium Guide Æolus the Scarlet all painted and ready. As colour choices go I’m pretty pleased with him as I’ve based it on the colours I see the Albino Woods being so he would blend into his surroundings.

Hope you like him.


14 thoughts on “The Scarlet Path

      1. It was a very rough week last week. I pretty much worked nonstop getting the house liveable. The family is all here and while there is a ton of work left the worst is behind us now.

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