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The Albino Woods I

Hello all!

Just a few bits today. A couple of pieces of scenery for the Albino Woods board and an extra addition to the Wytch Cult.

First up a Mile Maiden. These can be found in parts of the Albino Woods and are meant to present a mile has been traveled since the last one. Only thing is many have been smashed or weathered away over the centuries so they are not a really reliable measure of distance anymore.


Mile statueMile statue 2

Next is a big pile of rust. Rust is cool! I think this will look great next to IRO’s scenery.


rust p 2rust p 3rust p 4rust p1



Here is the latest addition to the Wytch Cult. The Flesh Cart. I fancied doing some gore and showing a helpless poor soul pleading for his life before getting stabbed again by the cart Imp.


12 thoughts on “The Albino Woods I

  1. The scatter terrain pieces are great. They really help setting the mood and feel.

    And the Flesh Cart is just plain disturbing. In a good way. Excellent modelling and paint job.

    1. Cheers mate. I really enjoyed making the scatter terrain and I have a few more to come.

  2. Oh wow man!! All so brilliant. I love the rust but that cart is amazing. I want one please!! I’m feeling the juices of inspiration starting to flow at an unnerving rate again haha.

    1. Thanks man! Glad you like it. Some of these bits will be available when you come over ☺

      1. Oh really? That’ll be great. I’ve got dibs on the wagon hehe.

  3. Love the mile maiden – so subtly eerie.

    1. Cheers! Subtly eerie. I like that ☺

  4. Cool! All worthy additions mate – where does the mile maiden come from? She is lovely!

    1. Designed and printed by me 😊 can’t wait get all the pieces together. Its going to be a cool board.

      1. Wow, that is brilliant! I agree mate, it is all going to look very cool indeed 🙂

  5. Excellent terrain mate, the dark, muted tone is really setting the scene. Once again, I’m inspired!

    1. Glad to hear it Wudu. Looking forward to seeing more of your war band ☺

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