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Plague Marines

So in the theme of all things true scale, and in celebration of the up and coming 8th edition, I’d thought I’d break out my Nurgle Plague Marine project. These guys will eventually be part of an army with the Raptors that are still needing finishing and a massive Plague Worm as the centre piece. All in all a lot of work to do.

I wanted the marines to be true scale and the Blight Kings box set is the perfect foundation for them. It’s a lot of work converting but it pays off I think and makes for a far more imposing model. Hopefully they will be intimidating on the battle field 🙂

As for the colour pallette, I chose to go for a dirty bone look with rust, blood and oozing sores, with the flesh parts a necrotic purple and flashes of green on parts of the armour.

To see the rest of the gang that still need painting click here

Anyhoo I hope you are pleasently disgusted by them.



8 thoughts on “Plague Marines

  1. Very cool. Very red but I like it. I know I’m a complete Noob but what is true scale? Is it 1/32-35?

    1. Basically a true scale marine is the size of the terminator models. Cheers dude.

      1. Ah ok. Cheers

  2. Nice! They certainly are imposing mate proper hulks!

  3. Cool! I too have a neglected Plague Marine collection that I am dusting off and touching up in preparation for the new 8th Ed Nurgle releases 🙂

  4. Consider me pleasantly disgusted! Great use of a mix of bits and paint/texture to give a blighted, archaic, and terrifying look to these guys!

    I too need to dust off and get back to work on my plague marines.

    1. Thanks Thutmos. The Blight Kings have a wonderful lumbering feel to them. Perfect for Plague Marines.

      1. It’s such a great kit and translates so well to the 40k setting.

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