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True Scale 2

Today I have a few images showing my progress on the True Scale Space Marines. I decided on the Death Watch parts to try out how they would look with my parts and I have to say I’m pretty pleased so far.

A few things will need improving like the joints and beefing up the torso a little but all in all I think the GW parts work well.

Thoughts welcome πŸ™‚

ts tact1
Tactical Marine
ts heavy
Devestator Marine


ts assault1
Assault Marine
ts group1
Group shot

20 thoughts on “True Scale 2

  1. Great start on these guys! I’m with you about beefing up the torsos and some work on the joints – I think it’ll add more of that weight and mass that makes marines so intimidating. But they are looking good!

    Love the devastator’s weapon!

  2. Very neat work. They look somewhat skinny, but that might be my perception based on how squat the GW marines are – comparison pic next to some other figs would be helpful. I presume you 3d printed these & have some sort of CAD background?

    1. Yeah getting them to look beefy is a bit of a challenge, but I think I’ve got an idea to solve that. I’ll get some comparison shots taken. Yes I did and yes I do, it’s my job πŸ™‚ cheers!

      1. I’m very tempted to get a basic 3d printer to experiment with but I have the sinking feeling that without doing a degree or professional training I’d probably wouldn’t get anywhere. Is there a particular app you think is a good starting point for dabblers? Kind of an iMovie for 3D?

      2. I would recommend mesh mixer by autodesk. It’s free, which is surprising, and is a wonderful bit of software. We use it a lot as it has such great features and has been an easy learning curve compared to others.

      3. Awesome – will check it out – thanks πŸ™‚

      4. You can even load files up to your 3D printer with it if it’s a supported model.

  3. They actually look really intimidating compared to the tactical squad kit, it would be interesting to see how these scale models compare to a guardsmen. I love the pose for the Devastator marine, it looks a lot more impressive than the squat pose legs that GW produce.

    I can’t wait to see more on the true scale process, keep up the outstanding work! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks very much! Yes it’ll be cool to see a scale comparison. I will get a few models made up from various factions.

  4. Very impressive work! The modular design of all of the components is really nice and lends itself perfectly to getting different poses. 3D design and printing really looks to be the way to go for projects like this. Traditional sculpting and casting takes so much time and money.

    I really like the shaping of each of the armor pieces on the legs. They really give you a sense of the classic space marine imagery. I do agree with some of the others comments here about the ‘thinness’ of the legs. I think your marines would look even better if the leg armor was a little broader and bulkier. There is a fine line though. You still want it to look like the armor affords them a high degree of mobility.

    I look forward to seeing where you go next!

    1. Thanks Adam. I totally agree with you and the others on the legs being a bit thin and the next version will be bulkier as will the chest armour. I also intend to design it so it can be used as a Chaos marine to. More archaic.

  5. This is so good mate, really clever stuff! They do look a bit skinny to me though – the thighs look a similar girth to their forearms, and I think this is contributing to that… It’s a hard trade off between the leg thickness and the goofy half-squat pose I guess :-/

  6. Cool mate. I like the devastator! I don’t mean this in a negative way but why true scale? Like, what’s the reason for it?

    1. Thanks mate and to answer your question the space marine models we buy have major scale issues. Marines are massive demigods of battle and the current models don’t stand up to that. They are fine for massed battles of 40k but with ][nq28 it’s nice to have real brute that towers over your other models in the war band. It gives a sense of what they would be like in real life.

      1. Ahh I see. That makes sense. Cheers for explaining.

  7. Nice work on these, especially the modularity. I do have to say they they look a little too ectomorph now – probably too skinny but also a touch too tall. The way I see it, the marine inside looks less like you or I or the skinny guys and gals under SW Stormtrooper armour and more like a WWE wrestler in terms of build and proportion – heavy slabs of muscle. Then layer their heavy armour over the top of that, and I feel they should still look fairly squat. Not to the extent of the current range, obviously, but much more than a normal person.

    1. Thanks for feedback. I’m currently working on a new model that should address some of these issues.

  8. Dear Heresy of us, i would super love to get a shipment of some of your random truescale bodyparts just as they are in the pictures above. Did you ever master the look you wanted in the end? P.s. i just want basic shapes really and will add detail myself. Can you give me an email or something where we can discuss?

    1. Ofcourse i would only use them for gettig character dimensions down. Nothing commercial. and you can cover your but by saying its a commission sculpt-.

    2. Hi Kai. Yes you can find my email in the about page of my blog.

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