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The Third Covenant – I

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Welcome to the first post for my army project, which is part of a bigger project ( note the logo above ) but more on that later. The Third Covenant. Black Shields fighting a bitter war for survival, redemption and vengeance. I love the idea of the Black Shields and wanted to put my own spin on them and bring them into the 41st millennium. They aren’t Chaos, they aren’t loyal but they sure as hell are all renegade and that gives them such wonderful scope for converting and character developement. This project has been brewing for some time and now all the pieces are coming together so I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I will putting it together.

So first up we have the Lord Scapha Ivmarus. He’s the leader of The Third Covenant and a bitter foe to all who stand against him. I wanted him to look really gothic, with his armour heavily modified after centuries of war and his face shrouded to add to his mystery. I’m particularly fond of the skull he’s holding as I think it adds to his character as a dark, morbid and intimidating leader. His axe in his other hand has the feel of executioner about it and it’s where he gets his name Reaper of Sorrow.


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7 thoughts on “The Third Covenant – I

  1. Menacing look. Very cool. I like the ornate armour on the legs. You’re on fire, mate.

    1. Thanks mate. I used Lorgar as the base model. The FW Primarch models have great scope for creating characters.

      1. Oh, that’s taking it to whole other level, converting FW Primarchs. Impressive. I had a hard time figuring other the scale of the model. Now I got a better idea.

  2. Oh wow…. dude, that is to die for! This latest project has me very excited 🙂

    1. Thanks mate. I’m pretty excited to. Not enough hours in the day though! 🙂

  3. Great pose and choice of bits mate

    1. Cheers bro!

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