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In Midnight Clad

Just before Christmas last year I got a package in the mail. Inside this package was a beast of a Space Marine from the very talented and generous Wier brothers of Between the Bolter and me. Now I felt like Christmas had come early! So I sat down at my bench and poured out the bits. Cast in a white resin the finish was really good and the parts went together nicely, with enough spares to have fun with later. Once I’d done a load if fiddling around with white tak I sat back and looked at this monster of a Marine. He’s tall! Primarch tall and an imposing sight. This all added to the conundrum of what colours to paint him. I wanted to do it justice and I knew I wanted to do something I hadn’t done before, so after I’d completed the posing and the bits additions and placed him on a base, I left him on the bench for a while, a menacing presence out the corner of my eye as I worked on other models and gave him thought.

I’d already had an idea for him but I wanted to be sure and I went through all the chapters but I was destined to come back to the original idea. In Midnight Clad! The Night Lords. One of my favorite Legions and also one that I have never in my long years in this hobby have painted. Perfect choice.

Night Lords in my view should be dark. Not blue like some are painted but the colour of blue-tinted night and that’s what I’ve tried to achieve here. It was a challenge to paint as I’d also never attempted painting lightning before and this proved to be very difficult and sorely tested my free hand skills, something I really need to brush up on ( pun intended 😉 Below you can see the result and while I’m happy enough with it I can see room for improvement and I may go back over it to see if I can add to it in the future.


The character idea for him was one of a hunter. A cold hearted killer who does it for fun. I think the gun the Wiers made is fantastic and suits this sort of image.


Getting the chance to paint a model like this is awesome and as with all models you should learn something new. I have with this one as it pushed me to do something I’d never done before and try new ways of painting, like using pigments for shading to try to capture the effect of shadows on his armour, lightning moving across his armoured plates and painting night shade blue. It was a wonderful model to work on and thank you to the Wiers for sending it.

14 thoughts on “In Midnight Clad

  1. Wow, that is superb mate – the flesh tone is just amazing! Best NL I have seen I reckon, beautiful work.

    1. Cheers mate. It was a challenge.

  2. Bloody brilliant sir!!! You’ve done an incredible job. I’m a bit lost though. Does Between the Bolter produce minis?

    1. Cheers mate. No they just did a project last year on a True scale space marine and they made a mold of it and cast in resin. It’s on their blog, check it out 🙂

  3. Wow, that’s pretty spectacular. But he really should try and get out into the sun a bit. He looks a bit sickly. 😉

    1. Ha ha Ha! Thanks mate.

  4. You did such a remarkable job with this model! Not only did you really make the model your own, but you also added a lot of depth to a faction that is often only portrayed lunatic killers. His pallid skin really is great looking, as is his dark armor.

    1. Thanks Eric. It was such a cool model to paint and the parts are really well made. You guys did such a great job on producing it. Thanks for sending it to me.

  5. Wonderful looking model! You really transformed the base model into your own creation! His contemplative pose works really well. The painting is also really nice. I like how the lighting is not like the stylized form you often see on Night Lord models. The red X over the Imperial eagle is a nice touch too.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Adam. The weapon you created is so cool and I wanted it to look hard and unforgiving. Its a tool for killing in the coldest of fashions. Thanks for sharing this great model I really enjoyed it.

  6. Damn mate – he’s amazing! Absolutely oozing with character and atmosphere. There’s something very contemplative about him that helps to ramp up the menace.

    1. Thanks mate. Yes I’m pretty happy with his Hamlet like pose. The parts he came with were perfect for it.

  7. Very nice work – love your take on the Nightlords colours. Have you read the Aron Dembski-Bowden trilogy – highly recommended for inspiration. Would be good if we could get a pic next to a regular human figure in order to get an idea of the scale 🙂

    1. Thanks mate and yes I have, a few times 😊 I’ll get one taken soon. He’s a beast.

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