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The Third Covenant – II

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The Third Covenant project continues with a scout squad. Lead by an ancient Apothecary and his trusted Sergeant. For the scouts I went old school in their look. I love the old scout models and I wanted to make my own up to date version of them. I think they look the part all action compared to Bato, who comes across as slow and purposeful, all shouty and grizzled. The Sergeant on the other hand looks ready to burst into action, silent and deadly, the perfect teacher for stealth.

The aim of this project is to have an army ready for Armies on Parade this year and so I’m building squad by squad with view to paint them all together over the last few months leading up to the deadline. Fingers and toes crossed I manage to do it.


8 thoughts on “The Third Covenant – II

  1. I like them, and the plague surgeon as a basis for an apothecary is an excellent idea, much nicer than the standard loyalist apothecary. May have to borrow that idea now when I tackle my own space marines. Good luck for Armies on Parade, it’s going to be interesting watching this develop.

    1. Thanks wudu. Yes I agree. He suits the image I’m after so much better than the primaris one.

  2. Great work here on the Apothecary, and also on the very cool modern interpretation on the classic scout look.

    1. Thanks. Yes the empire general kit is perfect for them.

  3. Excellent work mate – that is a very clever use of bits for the retro-looking scouts!

    1. Cheers mate

  4. Nice. Great vibe to this group mate.

    1. Thanks mate.

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