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Spore Herders

Greetings contaminated ones! Today see’s me reveal my contribution to the Nestorian Infestation by the talented Tommy , Helge  and Alexander. The project has been raging for a while and when Tommy put out the word that they’d like fellow hobby nuts to create some NPC characters for the games I thought hell yeah! So here they are, the twisted, mutated, contaminated beyond belief, once human, vermin, the Spore Herders.

spore herders1

Spore Herders are the lowest of the low and in the hell that is Nestorian that’s pretty bad. They are small and hunched in stature and heavily mutated by the infestation and spore they herd around, keep as pets and sometimes eat. Malicious to the bone and creepy they skulk around in the shadows stabbing at any who pass by too closely with their rusting blades and have a hissing laugh as they do so. At best they are deemed a hinderance but they do keep a lot of the floating spore in check, a job it seems that they took upon themselves like it’s instinctual.

So there you have it, nasty little blighter’s in a blighted world. Hope you like them 🙂


15 thoughts on “Spore Herders

  1. Love ‘em 😀

    1. Great! Going to get some paint on the this week.

  2. Ooh, creepy! What are the bodies mate? Goblin or Skaven?

    1. Thanks mate, they are skaven with Genestealer humps 🙂

  3. Genius idea! Makes a lot of sense too, the society of the planet needs to keep running despite the change of management – and no-one needs floating spores getting in their way whilst they’re trying to do a day’s work!

    1. Thanks mate and yes those spores can be a health hazard 😛

  4. Shifty little buggers! That pole thing looks like it’d be better for popping spores that catching them!

    Great job!

    1. Thanks Ross. Yeah I think they eat the ones they pop 😂

      1. Nutritious, no doubt.

        Gives me an idea for some more civvies too, but I have to finish these first four guys first…

  5. Ha, what a neat idea! You could have Spore Farmers too … they gotta eat something don’t they, even if they are contaminated. I mean besides each other.

    1. Thanks Ann. Spore burgers! Hybrids love em 🤣

      1. … and made with real Eldar too!

  6. Creepy stuff man. Love your brain haha

    1. Thanks dude! It worries my parents some times 😉

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