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Penitent Poles

Greetings all!

I’ve been away from the hobby for a while due to getting married in Oz last month and all the life comings and goings that goes with it. Now though I’m back on it, and oh how I’ve missed it 😉 Also it looks like I have loads to catch up on to. You busy bunch!

So to kick things off I’d like to introduce a concept for a game called Penitent Poles but before I do let me introduce a couple of misguided loons.

The penitent poles

These two used to have the holy task of maintaining servo skulls but after many years they have lost their minds and now they jump from penitent pole to penitent pole capturing servo skulls and messing with their protocols before sending them on their way to do god knows what to who. Insanity rules the Imperium of man so they say and these two wayward souls are testament to that.

Right so the game will go like this : Two teams of three take to a board made up of penitent poles with the aim to knock off or kill each other. Sounds simple yes? But wait, servo skulls will be floating around the place. You will be able to capture these and set them against your enemy but your enemy can recapture them and turn them back against you also. This will be determined by a series of dice rolls which I’ll think on a bit more. To add to the mayhem some of the poles will be occupied by penitents and these are best avoided but that’s not always going to be the case and you may find yourself tackling a truly insane soul hell-bent on killing you for disturbing his/her penance.

Obviously this still needs a lot of thought but I think it’ll be great fun and games will be quick as the board won’t be that big. I will be creating mine starting now as this is a precursor to the next Chapel, which I have also been working on.

So any thoughts or suggestions are welcome and once it’s all done I’d like the opportunity to knock a few of you off your poles 😉

8 thoughts on “Penitent Poles

  1. Sounds mad. I watch with interest!

    The tops of the poles are square; Are you picturing this like a chess board?

    1. Cheers! No I was thinking more like a standard 2×2 board and you can place the poles anywhere you want with 3 inches being the maximum jump able gap. I’ll post more info as to comes to me 🙂

  2. Sounds like a good Idea for a new Olympic game Or even Takeshi’s Castle obstacle course! (I’d totally sign up)

    Awesome post, always fresh and inspirational! 🙂

    1. Grimdark Olympics! Cheers, glad you like it

  3. Welcome back dude & huge congrats on your wedding. Great work & brilliant concept mate – you can count me in!

    1. Thanks mate. I’ll let you know when the board is done.

  4. G’day! Welcome back and congratulations on getting married. I always said I wasn’t the marrying kind but after meeting my wife I realised I just hadn’t found the kind I wanted to marry. Nearly 7 years in now and I love it. Love saying “my wife”. The totems rock dude. I must have missed the letter in the mail though, as I live in Australia. You know the letter I mean, the one where you ask me to be your best man. Haha.

    1. Thanks a lot mate and I agree I’ve found the right woman for me . She rocks!!! 😊😀

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