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New Shop Page.

Hi Guys and Girls,

This is just a quick post about a change to my blog. The shop is now here! The Etsy shop will eventually be used by my company for digital downloads and not for my scenery items.

So please take a look and any feed back will be greatly appreciated, as I’ve only just started doing this and I want to improve and offer cool stuff at a reasonable price. Any suggestions on items you would like to see would be awesome to.

Thanks for looking and I will leave you with this teaser image. Dark things are coming.

Teaser model image1

9 thoughts on “New Shop Page.

    1. Thanks mate.

  1. Hey man I just purchased an item through the page but it didn’t ask for my address details?

    1. OK. I’ve just checked and I have an address for you via PayPal. Did you also pay the extra postage fee for overseas shipping? I’ll check the address with you on Monday when I get to work. Thanks for the purchase dude.

      1. As lots as it’s Ervin rd we should be sweet. It didn’t prompt me to pay anything extra but when I went to the PayPal section there was an extra cost. So not 100% sure man

      2. Ok I’ve sent you an email to the one provided by paypal. I’ll get your order done asap 🙂

      3. Ok mate. I’ll have a look see

      4. Emailed back

      5. Ok just paid the £2.50 international postage. I hope that’s all good. Let me know if I need to do anything else mate. Can’t wait to get my item, paint it and post all about it!!!!

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