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The Heptameron.

The call has been sent and for those who heard it destiny awaits. The Ostium Guides wage their war on the rising Wytch Cults, whilst guiding the travelers that have come from afar. The sentinels test and more often than not destroy those who the Guides bring to the entrance ways, for some travelers are deemed too dangerous or tainted and must not be allowed to gain access to the power that resides within.

These events are the beginnings of troubled times and with sightings of The Angel of the Gathering Blood those times are about to get worse. The rise of The Heptameron will happen once again and the power at the core will be its prize. Those who have heeded the call whether for glory or for gain will be sorely tested as those who dwell near the core rise up to face the chaos that would lay claim to this most haunted and precious of worlds. The knowledge kept within must never fall to The Heptameron.

Those who have dwelt within the dark places of the hive heed the call of the Angel and they gather to do their dark masters bidding. With the uprising of cults comes the retaliation of the pure of soul and wars break out all over the hive. Worker gangs will bleed and die to defend the colossal air vents and processors they toil over. Mighty guardians will be stirred once again to defend the secrets they guard. Forgotten nightmares will haunt the depths and the travellers who have fought this far will come face to face with their destiny.

The seven days of The Heptameron starts anew and the fight for The Chapel will begin again.


Hello one and all!

So as you’ve just read I’ve been thinking about the Chapel and have started to piece together ideas for the next game. It’s all been going rather well and I’ve got a lot to show you all in the coming months. So lets start with this evil-looking character. A member of the Heptameron, mutated and full of sorceress power he is a powerful psyker. Floating around while green flame dances at his feet he blasts his enemies with his crystal glare, for he is favoured by the dark god he serves.

I didn’t spend much time on this model and managed to paint him in one sitting. Not my best work by a long shot but he was fun to make and the model is a trial for a new item in my shop. What do you guys think?


10 thoughts on “The Heptameron.

  1. Is that an actual gemstone in it’s forehead?

    1. Yes it’s a swarovski crystal. A very small one πŸ™‚

  2. Excellent mate! I love the mottled skin and the use of an actual gem. Very cool man

    1. Thanks mate.

  3. Very cool amigo – what a creepy individual! The cool blues & greens are lovely, nicely offset with the tribal tattoos/markings. Intrigued to hear more about the Heptameron!

    1. Thanks mate. More shall be told in good time.

  4. Certainly a unique and (as others have said) creepy model. You could get use out of it in a dozen different games beyond 40k without any trouble I think.

    1. Thank you. Yes that’s the aim. It’s a base model that can be used with different bits. He stands at around 40mm tall.

  5. I really like the Tzeetchian vibe of this!

    1. Thanks mate. That’s what I was aiming for πŸ˜‰

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