The Caelistis Sisters

The other week I started work on another ][nq28 war band with the main characters being 3 sisters. Now I haven’t thought of any back ground for them yet but they will be involved with the business of Inquisitor Gale and his group ( info of which can be found here )

Any way let me introduce you to……

Caedicia Caelistis
Caedicia Caelistis. Inquisitor.
Caesinnia Caelistis
Caesennia Caelistis. Gunslinger
Caetronia Caelistis
Caetronia Caelistis. Psyker Abomination

The idea was to have them look like sisters but have them totally different in style. The Escher gang box came in handy for quite a few of the bits especially the heads and weapons and this is what ties them togehter as looking like sisters. The other two characters shown in the image below are a familiar who is bonded to Caetronia and a Black Shield Marine who has been assigned to accompany them on their mission.

The Caelistis sisters and war band1

Stay tuned for more coming soon.


8 thoughts on “The Caelistis Sisters

  1. A lovely characterful set of figures! I really need to get back to making some nice converted figures for my own pleasure, getting really tired of army painting at the minute.

    I keep looking at the Primaris Marines I have on hand, I was intending on painting them to get back into 40k regularly with my friends that play more often than me.

    But the more I look at them I just keep getting the urge to use them individually as truer scaled marines in skirmish warbands.

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    1. Thank you. I think the Primaris Marines are great models and should just be used as normal Space Marines. The new lore sucks but the models are cool.
      I’ve always been a skirmish player so I’m with you on that, they will always be true scale marines to me. This particular one is actually the first primaris marine model I’ve painted.


  2. A friend of mine did something similar IC on the old old old Conclave message board back in the mid-noughts around three brothers, each of whom were inquisitors belonging one of the three Ordos Majoris.

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    1. Cool. I bet they had loads of in fighting and a daemon host at the family get together probably didn’t go down too well 😉 I think it makes a good dynamic and I can’t wait to get started on a few shorts stories for them.


  3. Cracking job mate, that’s three superb characters you have there – looking forward to seeing the painting bring them to life! Nice idea to have the hulking Marine & diminutive familiar for some scale variety as well, very cool.

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