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Brother Lyco Celer

Brother Lyco Celer, one of The Consecrated, The Third Covenant.

Black Shield.

Assigned to Inquisitor Caedecia Caelistis for the assault on Gellath Prime.


————-Death to all Gods————-


————For all Gods are false————-




This is the first ever primaris marine I’ve painted and I have to say what a joy they are to paint. There’s something very solid about them and I reckon it’s what Space Marines should have always looked like and to me it’s what they will always be, just Space Marines.

Converting them is very cool as well and with Lyco here I went to town, especially with his helmet.  The base of it is a Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard helmet with all the bling cut off and a watch part, guitar string and dental implant screw green stuffed into place. Next I modified the gun slightly to give it a bigger barrel ( Lyco likes it loud! ) for this I dived into my dental days bitzbox again and used a scan body, which is made out of plastic covered titanium so its nice and light and also easy to paint. The rest was just adding skulls, shields and chains.

For the paint job I wanted him to look heavy and grim, with his gun being unadorned so it has a very brutal and practical look about it. I also applyed transfers from the Black Shield sheet from Forge World and painted over the top with washes to blend them into the armour. I’m not a massive fan of transfers but I must say that these are excellent and worked a treat. The rest of his decoration was free hand and of course a load of weathering to really give him that old worn, pissed off at everyone feel.

Now it’s onto the rest of the group.

10 thoughts on “Brother Lyco Celer

  1. Nice, really like the face!

    1. Thanks. I’ve done similar ones before. The blood angel range has some sweet bits to play with.

  2. Excellent work as always’ man. Well done 👌🏼🤘🏼

    1. Cheers mate.

  3. Brutal! Nicely done dude… looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Thanks mate. Yes I’d love to have an Army of them.

  4. I really like him, especially all of the free hand stuff and of course the face. I also like that he looks like he could be used either as a loyalist guy or as a heretic.

    1. Thanks Ann. That’s what I love about a Black Shield Marine they are renegades that hate renegades and everyone else. Their cause is their own and they will use whatever means they can to achieve it. Great scope for kit bashing characters.

  5. Great work, dude. Very atmospheric, between the limited dark palette and the lovely warm weathering. And the face of course oozes character. People seem fond of putting ‘normal’ helmets on Stormcast, and it seems that putting death masks on Space Marines is even more effective!

    1. Thanks mate. It is isn’t it. I’ve done it a few times now and aim to have a small army of these guys.

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