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Hi everyone,

For today I have the first post of my Night Haunt project. These models are great and are responsible for me getting into AoS. They are easy to build, have loads of converting possibilities and are fairly quick to paint, each model here took around 3 hours to complete. They are also the first models in a long time I haven’t cut up and kitbashed, but I will eventually as like I said they have great potential.

First we have an image of the first one I painted to get the colours right. I went for a fleshy look to them with the use of the new wash Hexiwraith flame as the spot colour. It’s a pretty intense shade and it looks like it could glow, so I watered it down a lot and blended it in to the flesh tones. The scythes are rusty and so are the bits of chain mail, chains and bells. I used pigments for these.


Next up are some scene shots with terrain I have recently painted up. Enjoy 🙂


NH banner2



NH 1

NH 2


NH banner3

30 thoughts on “NIGHT HAUNT – I

  1. Very nice, I like the more beige look of your ghosts. The toned down shade, and spare use of glowing shade, looks way better than what’s on the GW site. Love how the glow emanates from the bottom of the mini, giving it a spooky floating feel.

    1. Thanks. Yes the glowing shade is over powering and should be used sparingly. Overall I prefer monochromatic paint jobs because of the mood it sets for the model.

  2. Awesome! I love the fleshy tone, very unique. You’ve taken the Nighthaunt to a complete new level. Bravo!

    1. Thanks mate glad you like them

  3. Ok I’m sold!!!! I’ve been eyeing off the range for a while umming ahhhring but now that’s it I’m gonna get me some nighthaunts dammit!! Love the terrain and the colour scheme you’ve gone with. Can’t wait to see how you convert them. Cracking work mate

    1. Yeah do it!! They are pretty sweet models. The terrain is something I’ll be posting about soon. Watch this space 🙂

      1. I’m going to get lady Olyander tomorrow I reckon

      2. Good choice! I’m buying her today. She’s a great looking model, I may actually buy two 🙂

      3. Well why buy one when you can buy two I say hehe. I’m thinking of having her as a leader of an AOS28 war band

      4. My thoughts exactly. One to paint and one to chop up! I’ve started an AoS28 project as well. I look forward to seeing yours mate.

      5. I started min ages ago but after seeing your post I dug them all out this afternoon hehe.

  4. Looks absolutely gorgeous! I’ve just pretty much sat and sped built an almost 3k point Nighthaunt force over 2 days… Now they’re just sat here… because I haven’t got a clue in what direction I want to take their painting.

    1. Thanks you. Yeah I saw that did that on Instagram. A modeling frenzy must have taken hold 😉 I like painting in a very limited palete as you can achieve great results fairly quickly. Choose a colour, it’s shade and a highlight. I tend to steer away from using white as a highlight and instead go for really pale greys or blues.

  5. These are very nice! I just love those scene shots in the end. Inspiring.

    1. Thanks Kristian. I like putting the models in a scene and the night haunt have such great movement to them.

  6. Those are gorgeous mate, really nice and spooky. Love the grim and realistic look you’ve gone for, definitely inspiration for my own ghosts.

    1. Thanks Wudu! Glad it has inspired.

  7. Now that’s what I call a real ghost! You’ve done a fantastic job at painting the Nighthaunt. 🙂

    1. Cheers Bjorn. I must admit I had great fun painting these. I few boxes of models to complete yet.

      1. It does remind me of Blanchitsu, the colour scheme looks more morbid and more scarier (and not cartoony).

        Just recently I’ve brought the AoS Tempest of Souls box set, and I’m really enjoying painting the Nighthaunt models, the design team have done a fantastic job designing the range.

      2. Blanchitsu all the way!! Yes thats a great box set and I nearly bought it myself the other day but other things caught my eye. The design team and GW in general are on fine form. It’s a great time to be in the hobby.

  8. Very nice mate – so you’re getting into AoS now? Cool! I’ll give you a game mate 🙂

    1. Thanks mate. Indeed I am and indeed you will. I have an AoS28 project in the pipe line as well.

      1. Shweet 🙂

  9. Looks awesome – great choice of colours and nicely subtle compared to many I have seen. So tempted to get some of the new GW undead, but I’m saving to the new Titanicus and a Wedding soon!

    1. Cheers mate! The temptation was really strong and I caved with a big smile on my face 🙂 The new Titanicus looks great and I’ll get it eventually but I’m waiting for Rogue Trader first. A wedding hey? Congrats mate. We need to get together again soon and maybe throw a few dice.

      1. Yeah – the new Rogue Trader box does look pretty special too. Would be awesome to catch-up, but I probably won’t get chance now until after wedding so sometime in Sept would be good – hopefully it will be cooler by then – finding hard to paint at the moment with the heat!

      2. Yes that sounds good. September it is.

  10. Lovely work on the Nighthaunt. Another kind of scheme to consider…

    1. Thanks Azazel

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