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The Flea. Skull – Jacker

Hello all,

This little fella is my Skull-Jacker. He is known as the Flea. He can’t remember who he used to be only that he can jump pretty well now and likes to annoy penitents while fixing the shiny skulls that hover around the place. Life is pretty simple for Flea, that is until another Skull-Jacker gets in on his turf. Then Flea gets angry and has an over whelming desire to insert his mechandrites in places they would find most uncomfortable while drilling holes in them. Flea also likes to bash them off the Stylites and watch them hit the ground, he finds the sounds they make most satisfying.

Flea is still Flea so he thinks he’s quite good at his job. This makes Flea very smug and more annoying.



Flea took me about 2 hours to paint and I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. Nothing flash but very grim. The way I like my ][nq28.

In the months to come I will make a few more Skull- Jackers and Penitents for the Stylites game and I look forward to seeing people’s characters for the competition. Here’s a little reminder of what you can win. Animation done by Black Edge 3D


You can win this model! Click here to see how

11 thoughts on “The Flea. Skull – Jacker

  1. Excellent mate – great to see such a different take on the idea! Huge shame it didn’t all work out yesterday, but don’t worry – I’ll be doing my best to take Flea down a peg or two soon enough 😉

    1. Thanks mate. Yes I’ll be looking forward to it. See you soon.

  2. The Flea looks very grim indeed. But how did he earn not one but two purity seals?

    1. He nicked them off penitents. 😁

      1. Hahaha!

  3. Awesome man. Does he play bass for the red hot chilli peppers too? Love the colour scheme and the hunched over look. Very cool dude

    1. Cheers mate. No he’s more into the melodies of suffering and misery.

  4. That’s excellent – exactly what you’d expect a hybrid between a man and a flea to look like, yet still distinctly Imperial and not a bit Chaotic. Love it!

    1. Thanks mate. I’m pleased with how he turned out. I’d love to see what you would come up with.

      1. Fear not, I’m making plans for my entry as we speak!

      2. Good stuff 😊

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