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Worship of the Worm. The Herald.

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The bell tolls for Ghryan. The worship of the worm has begun again and with it comes the decay of all that was beautiful. The lands will be consumed from beneath, the rot will start from under the skin and the excrement of Chaos will reign supreme.


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It starts now. The bell tolls. It’s sound heralding the beginning of the end and the cruel laughter that follows.


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Welcome to the first post of my AoS28 project, The Worship of the Worm. Now I haven’t been that into AoS in the past but with the recent release of Soul Wars that all changed. It has become a much grittier and grim setting and with the wonderful night haunt models I was set on a path to create a few projects around it. Making a war-band for AoS28 was inevitable and as I already have a night haunt project I chose to create my story around the followers of Nurgle. It’s early days yet and I have a load of other projects on the go ( don’t we all ) but I have finished the little puss filled, bell swinging loon known as the Herald you see above.

12 thoughts on “Worship of the Worm. The Herald.

  1. This looks like an exciting journey to follow.

    The first model is a great little promise of things to come.

    1. Thanks mate. He was fun to make. I’m going to keep the same tones through out the project.

  2. Very nice; you have a gift with terrain, that’s for sure.

    1. Thanks Ann. Having a few 3D printers helps 🙂

      1. That is part of the gift! 🙂 … and I meant painting it too. The earth on your herald looks very realistic.

      2. Thank you. I like painting earthy tones. The rest of the project will be the same muted colours.

  3. Sounds good man. I look forward to following this

    1. Cheers mate. I’ll try and make it really disturbing for you. 😅☠️

      1. Yes!!! Bloody love disturbing.

  4. That is brilliant! Loving it mate 🙂

    1. Thanks mate. I hope to have a game of two with my worm worshippers.

      1. For sure!

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