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The Shepherd of Plagues

Greetings blighted ones!

Today I present to you a character I have been working on for a while now and I’m proud to say she’s all done and ready for the shop.

The Shepherd of Plagues is the first in a series of 54mm scale miniatures that you can collect and she comes in a box with her symbol stenciled on the front.


So head over to the shop pages UK and Euro to get yours. A note for the rest of the world you can still purchase one, you just need to email me. My email can be found in the about page


10 thoughts on “The Shepherd of Plagues

  1. She’s a Beaty. Well done

    1. Thanks mate.

  2. Noice!

    1. Thanks mate.

  3. You cast these yourself right? If so, this is great work man👍🏻

    1. They are 3D printed. Haven’t quite perfected the art of casting yet, at least not on this scale.

  4. Amazing – I’ve been looking forward to seeing her finished.

    1. Thanks mate. I’m pretty pleased with her. I have more coming out soon and, you’ll be pleased to hear, that the new skull crabs will be hitting the store next week 🙂

      1. Awesome, I’ll keep an eye out 😊

  5. I just got a couple of 54mm Inquisitor Models off eBay. Might have to pick her up to give them someone to face off against!

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