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Venator Gang

Hi gang!

Here’s an image bomb of my Venator Gang as it stands. Names and fluff I haven’t really thought about yet and I might not for this project but we shall see.

Brat Ganger
Albino Escher
Goliath muscle
Ex Guard Medic and Caryatid
Large skull crab battle servitor
Large skull crab battle servitor side
Van Saar Stealth Maiden
Group shot


15 thoughts on “Venator Gang

  1. Very nice kitbashes! Love to see when they’re painted!

    1. Thanks mate. It may take a while I have armies on parade to do first.

  2. Looking sweet mate! Great idea to use the commissar’s coat for the brat. Looking forward to seeing what you do for Armies on Parade as well.

    1. Thanks mate. Yes He’s my favorite of the bunch. I’ll be doing some posts on it soon.

  3. Oooh, looking good dude – I love ’em all, but that Brat is particularly sexy!

    1. And dosen’t he just know it! Cheers mate

    1. Thanks mate.

  4. Exited for both paint and bacstories if they happen

    1. My head is full of other fluff at the moment but I’ll try. 🙂

      1. Take your time.

  5. Super! I always loved the idea of mixing the different houses.

    1. Thanks. Yes they are all out casts drawn together by necessity.

  6. A very motley crew – are you planning on having a unified colour scheme to tie them all together to just paint them all as individuals?

    1. I was thinking as individuals and having the bases tie then together. I’ll go for muted tones on all of them though.

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