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Armies on Parade 2018

Hello all!

So last weekend was my local Warhammer Armies on Parade event and it was awesome. The turn out this year was higher than previous years and it was great to see some young bloods get stuck in.

Now I’ve been threatening Dave the manager with participating for at least 3 years now and so I thought it was high time I bit the bullet and have a go at it. I have to say that even though the pressure was high to get it completed on time ( I managed to get it all done in 6 weeks ) I enjoyed the sheer hobby madness of it all and if you’re thinking of doing it then I say get to it, you won’t be disappointed and it’s a great way to challenge yourself.

So how’d I do?…………………….Not half bad! I managed to get the awards for Best Theme, Best Army and Best Painted in the 40K category and took home silver in the managers choice. I even got a medal!

I have plans to expand the army as well with another 15 models to add in the future. My Black Shields will be a grim force to be reckoned with that’s for sure.

Here’s some pictures of my army with more to follow soon. I will take better ones of the squads and characters as well. Hope you like them πŸ™‚




16 thoughts on “Armies on Parade 2018

  1. Holy shit dude, this all looks amazing!! Congrats on the wins mate, well deserved – can’t wait to see the individual pics, even more stoked to see them in the flesh!

    1. Thanks mate! It was a slog to the finish line that’s for sure. I’ll take some more soon and yes you’ll be able to see it in all it’s grim glory πŸ˜‰

  2. Well done man. Show us the medals too! 🀘🏻

    1. Cheers. I’ll show it off next post.

  3. Wow! This looks amazing. The hard work paid off.

    1. Cheers mate and yes it did

  4. Well deserved mate. My local store manager has been asking me to get involved too. Your work and submission is inspiring so maybe baby! I don’t remember seeing that horse sentinel monster before. It looks amazing. If there is a post on him can you link me please. Are you already planning a board for next year?

    1. Glad it inspires mate. My Hippocampus battle servitor is a conversion of my own. I’ll post more on it and the rest soon.

      1. Hippocampus!! That’s cool. Look forward to it

    2. Maybe. Its takes up a lot of room.

      1. Ahh that’s always the hard part isn’t it

  5. That is great- well done.

  6. Fantastic, really atmospheric! Well done for getting it done in time. Looking forward to seeing more pictures (and of course the models you’re still planning to add). What did you use for the rig on the back of the cawdor based chap on the left of the final picture?

    1. Cheers mate. His rig is made from a mechanicus bit for the back pack ( I think its from the Dominus kit ) and the arms are from forge world, the quater master kit.

  7. Very nice work – and well deserved!

    1. Thank you.

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