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Worship of the Worm. The Worm begins to take shape.

wotw header1

The Great Worm has been sitting on my shelf for quite a long time now waiting for that time when I started designing the war band that would worship it. The idea came to me at work when I had to design and 3D print a tape worm found in dogs for a vet client ( my work takes me to starnge places sometimes ) so there I was doing research into these wriggly nasties, it was not the most pleasant thing to look at let me tell you, especially over lunch! Any way I designed this worm from looking at closeups of its anatomy and while I was doing so my mind drifted to Nurgle… Obviously!….. Once I’d finished with that job I designed a large worm like body bloated with corruption and printed it out in three sections due to its size. It would be the base for the creature with the rest of the model being scratched built and kit bashed from various chaos and undead bits from my bitz box.

So below are some images of where I’m at with this monster. It’s been a challenge for me as I usually only paint characters and war bands but I’ve really enjoyed creating different effects on its skin and will be looking to enhance this look of old earth and decay that the Great Worm represents.

Worm wip1
An Excreted warrior stands on the great worm that spawned him
Worm wip2
The dangerous end
Worm wip3
Bloated corrupt coils of the worm
Worm wip4
Nurglings play.

11 thoughts on “Worship of the Worm. The Worm begins to take shape.

  1. Oh man, that is looking superb!

    1. Thanks mate. He’s a big ol’ model that’s for sure.

  2. That is wonderfully foul! The textures are spot on – looking forward to seeing the complete beast.

    1. Thanks mate. The textures have been great fun. You can really go to town on a large model like this.

  3. Grotesque, foul, disgusting, ungodly and awesome!! Love it

    1. Cheers mate. I do hope Nurgle will be proud 🙂

  4. Now this is disturbing. Fantastic stuff.

    1. This is great! I seem to be disturbing a lot of people 🙂 Ha ha! Thanks man

      1. I think it has something to do with the skin texture of the worm.

  5. Looks very nasty. I await the full reveal!

    1. Thanks. Going to need a better camera set-up to get a good shot though. He’s a bit on the large side.

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