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Hello all!

So it’s been a while. Way too long really but that’s the vacuum of Instagram for you. I’ve been posting on there for a while and while it’s good and quick it’s eye candy and lacks a certain depth. So I’m aiming to give my blog more love that it deserves and will start with my Slaanesh project.

The first installment has to be my Daemon Engine for the group. It’s a colossal monster of metal tentacles and writhing, tortured flesh and like aspects of the rest of this project I’ve used kitbashing, sculpting and 3D printing to create it. I documented it step by step as well so you can see the process of creating it and to date I think it’s my most complex undertaking.

So sit back and enjoy and I’ll be back again very soon šŸ™‚


slaanesh banner1

slaanesh banner1

slaanesh banner1

slaanesh banner1

And finally all painted up using mainly contrast and washes.

5 thoughts on “SLAANESH WAR BAND pt1

  1. Bloody amazing!

    1. Thanks mate! Really enjoyed creating it. More of the war band will follow soon.

      1. Sorry I wasn’t more wordy, but seeing that build and completed model, that’s all I had. Looking forward to seeing the next couple!

  2. Superb mate – cracking build of course, but really elevated by the paint job… That freehand work is excellent!! The Dark Prince would be pleased.

    1. Thanks mate. Iā€™m especially pleased with the skin tone. šŸ˜ˆ

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