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Keprix Cyba Mon. Hunter Knight of the Mechanicum.

Greetings flesh things! Today I have something different to share. It’s a small project for Killteam or Inq28 and it’s all about this character called Keprix Cyba Mon. Keprix is a Hunter Knight of the Mechanicum and that means she is charged with the duty of hunting down and slaying the Dark Mechanicum. I always liked the idea of a noble Knight type Ad Mech character who was sworn to bring justice to those who strayed from the Omnissiah with blade and flame. The war band, so far, is very medieval in theme as I wanted that crusader image of Knights to be present and the colour palette is lighter tones, with red as the spot colour, to show their purity and belief in their cause. I think it contrasts well against the more traditional red attire you see the servants of the Mechcanicum wear.

This project has also had an influence on how I will paint my Adepta Sororitas, which is great, because I’ve been stuck on that for ages now. Below is the Censer Bearer cause every Knight needs their favourite fragrance whilst dealing out punishment.

Also to go with the group, when they are all present and done, is a custom box for them to live in. It’s a 3D designed and printed insert that is magnetised and has a section for holding the Mechcanicum Killteam Dice. Nice and cosy!

Still very w.i.p at the moment and I’m yet to decide on the symbols I will paint/transfer onto it.

7 thoughts on “Keprix Cyba Mon. Hunter Knight of the Mechanicum.

  1. Lovely stuff mate, that Hunter Knight is awesome!! Nice box too – very cool 😎

    1. Thanks mate. She’s one of those projects that’s been sitting around for a while. No excuse to not finish off projects any more hey? 🙂

      1. True dat

  2. Looks great. The censer bearer is brilliant. The AOS Nighthaunt range is fantastic for this kind of project.

    1. Thanks mate! Yes it’s my go to range for so much!

  3. Love that. I admire your attention to detail down to the custom carry case.



    1. Cheers Pete. I like to add things like that to a project. Rounds them off nicely.

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