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Slaanesh War band

Flesh, pain and pleasure! The sadistic lovers of Chaos. SLAANESH!!! Sssaay she who thirsts name with rapture!

So I’ve been adding to my Slaanesh war band the forbidden fruits of which are the subject of this post. This is one of those projects that is on the slow burn and I’m pretty sure, in fact I know, I will be adding more to it over time, I already have a few unopened boxes of Slaanesh goodies in the model draws and The Keeper of Secrets will be mine ( oh yes it will be mine ) very soon.

As projects go it’s been one of exploring new techniques and pushing myself with converting and modeling (CAD and traditional) plus with the release of Contrast paints it has given me the opportunity to do some speed painting, a method I used to do the cultists. All in all then it’s been great fun and some of my most satisfying hobby moments have come from it. May they continue in Slaanesh’s name!

The Leader of the War band. Slaanesh Witch and her Daemonettes

Psyker and Beastmen
Possessed Emperors Children Marine

The above images are of the Chaotic war engines of the band. The Impulsor Engine and Rapture missile launcher.

Give praise to She Who Thirsts.

17 thoughts on “Slaanesh War band

  1. Walking flesh missile gets a 10/10 for being “sleek but highly disturbing” rating score. 😁

    1. Ha ha ha! thanks mate. I’m quite fond of my Chaos Missile Chicken 🙂

  2. That possessed marine is pretty damn disturbing! Brilliant work you’ve done on all this lot

    1. Thank you! He’s beautiful isn’t he ;P

  3. Fantastic work. They make for a very strong thematic group with out descending into cliche at any point.



    1. Thank you Pete.

  4. Oh wow Mark. Lovely warband. How do you make the ruffs? They work so well on Daemonettes.

    1. Thanks dude! They are 3D prints 🙂

      1. Wicked! They look great

  5. Su-bloody-perb mate

    1. Thank you dude!

  6. I am both aroused and repulsed… great job allround mate. Your attention to detail is on a diff level. Full points🤘🏻

    1. That’s the way it should be! Thank you.

  7. Wow man, you’re on fire lately. I’ve never really explored Slaanesh but your awesome work is getting me very interested.

    1. Cheers bud! Slaanesh has always been my favourite chaos god. 😈

      1. Hmmm, I think Wudugast has always been my favourite Chaos God.

      2. Ha ha ha! Yes he is the chaos god of gods! We bow down to his majesty!

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