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Flesh Eaters Kill Team

Hello all! Hope this post finds you well. Today is a little post about a project that has been sitting on my hobby table for far too long, unfinished and unloved. A Flesh Eaters Kill Team.

Red and me don’t get along too well. I find it one of the harder colours to paint and this is why they probably sat there for so long. I do however like the Flesh Eaters and have done since I first saw them in that now legendary lineup of Astartes in the Rogue Trader rule book. So I set about creating a small squad of them and tried to capture that ferocity and blood lust they are known for.

So here they are. Red, finished and loved.

Squad Lycaordan

16 thoughts on “Flesh Eaters Kill Team

  1. Those look really good- modern miniatures but you have captured the feel of the older art style with them, makes for a great combination.



    1. Thanks Pete.

  2. These are fantastic! Did you eventually go with freehand, or did you get some decals made?

    1. Cheers. I went freehand.

  3. Whenever I see the chapter icon of the Flesh Eaters I realise how incredibly grim-dark the Rolling Stones must have become by the 41st Millennium (when, presumably, they’ll still be performing…). Silliness aside I really like how those have come out, you may find red challenging but you’ve achieved a really nice result with it.

    1. Ha Ha Ha!! Thanks mate. I’m thinking of doing a squad to accompany my Sisters army now 🙂

  4. These are fantastic mate! Proper space vampires

    1. Cheers bro! I want to do more now 🙂

      1. I’d like to see a sanguinary priest for them! White armour drenched in blood……

      2. May as well just paint him red really. They are messy eaters 😆🤘🏻

      3. Would be cool to make him look like he’s tipped a bucket of blood over his head! All the gore and red dripping down. Carrie style!!!!

      4. Yes! That’ll awesome. I am going to make a squad to accompany my Sisters, maybe I’ll have them led by an Apothyicary

      5. Nice one

  5. I looooove red. It’s probably one of my favourite colours to paint. I think you’ve done really well with this crew man. The pale faces are a really nice contrast. I’m thinking if adding a small Space Marine Warband to my HellGate project and I think these and the Soul Haunters will be my main references.

    1. Cheers. The Soul Haunters are an awesome chapter. The work gone into them is so good. Space marines will fit in nicely with your HellGate project and with the way you’ve been taking those pictures they’ll look mean as!

      1. Thanks man

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