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Order of the Black Cross.

The Order of the Black Cross, a small but extremely deadly militant order of the Adepta Sororitas. With bone armour, white robes, pale skin and a large tattoo of a black cross down the length of their faces, they cut a striking and intimidating image. But, by far the most unsettling thing about them is their eyes. They are a milky white. The reason for this is one of their traditions of ascension to full Battle Sister. Upon ascension a battle sister will have a special graft set upon each eye, once healed the eye’s are then tattooed with minute scripture of the Litanies of Faith. It is said that upon waking the script is clear and all encompassing in their vision and it is also said that upon death this is all the sister will see in her final moments.

Sister Resira. Order of the Black Cross

So I’ve finally settled upon a colour scheme and name for my Battle Sisters army. I have also painted my first Battle Sister. Now the problem I have is that they have tattoos of black crosses down their faces. Have you seen how small the battle sisters faces are? Bloody small! This will not stop me though, I am committed! I shall, however ,have to paint all the heads separately as this should make this mission I have inflicted upon myself easier.

All this painting small fiddly stuff made me want to wade in with a brush and get all experimental on something big! That big thing is one of the many Relic Chapel Tank of the Order of the Black Cross. These large relics are of shattered ruins of sacred places. They are given an ancient tracked base, a radiant statue of a Saint placed upon the highest point and go to war covered in Sisters all crying their hatred at the enemy and raining righteous death upon them. The sight of one of these behemoths of Imperial faith rumbling over the fallen and surrounded by purifying fire stirs the sisters to fight on no matter what and once it falls the track unit is recovered and waits for the time another sacred ruin is found.

14 thoughts on “Order of the Black Cross.

  1. Nice work on the Sister and that chapel tank is looking great!

    1. Thank you! I need to get a better setup for taking pictures though, especially larger models.

  2. That is great- I love the big sacred ruin carrier- a stirring site for the faithful for sure.



    1. I couldn’t agree more! It’ll look great once it’s covered in sisters.

  3. Brilliant mate, really bloody cool

    1. Cheers buddy!

  4. Wow! Lovely work mate. The tank is amazing

    1. Thanks mate. Yes I’m pretty pleased with it. I can’t wait to get more sisters painted now!

      1. My mutants and heretics await……

      2. BURN!!! BURN!!! BURN THEM ALL!!!

  5. Dude, that last picture actually looks like an oil painting. You are very talented my friend. May the Emperor smile upon you evermore….

    1. Ha ha ha! Thank you very much. The tank was mainly painted in oils actually, they work really well on vehicles.

  6. Wow, just bloody wow! Your work is just getting better and better man. Really impressive stuff

    1. Thanks dude! Really enjoying making the most of the hobby time.

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