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The grim dark film club

I got asked a while back to take part in the grim dark film club IG page. Go check it out and give it a follow. Some really awesome talent on there and it’s great to get an insight into what inspires them. So, without further ado, here’s my inspiration in a nutshell shell.

4 thoughts on “The grim dark film club

  1. Great choices my friend. I haven’t read Pariah but it sounds very cool.

    1. You must! It’s grim, it’s dark, it’s bloody, it’s awesome!!

  2. Pariah i read before i read Eisen horns first trillogy but had already read Ravenors three books. Liked it a lot and also wish the next books will come. Great post mate. I also added perturabor to my list of bands to check out

    1. Cheers mate. Yes it’s a great book. I feel the urge to read it again actually 😊

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