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Painted Print

Here’s my 3D printed daemon host Tisiphone all painted and ready to terrorize. The detail the print achieved was really nice and she painted well and in one sitting.

I have another project on the go that uses 3D printing, sculpting and good old hacking up of bits, which I will post up soon.

Let me know what you think 🙂


Daemon host2

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Anatomica Praebitores

“It’s time to wake up my fleshy friend, that’s it, open those lovely useful eyes. Now, how many arms am I holding up?……….. Hehehehehehe!! Just a little joke to lighten the mood. So lets begin shall we, which part should I take first?”

Anatomica Praebitores, The Flesh Wraiths of Terra, The Skin Takers and many other names persides are without a doubt one of the most feared organisations to infest the deep dark areas of Terra.

They strike at the unwary pilgryme with needles and poisoned blade so that they may take them back to their surgical lairs, where the poor unfortunates are disected and amputated so there parts can be sold to whoever can pay the price. Not only do they offer this service but they also harvest and graft new parts and organs to themselves, resulting in truely horrific forms that pleases them greatly. The higher ranking Praebitorem are true monsters of the underworld that rule the shadows.

Monsters they may be, but the Anatomica Preabitores delight in knowledge and are all to eager to pass it on the the apprentices they take on, or in some cases even make, and it’s this attitude to learning that binds them. Each member of the group has a part to play and gets everything they need to succed in it. Flesh is buisness as they say and on Terra there is no shortage of that.


Anatomica Praebitores

I really enjoyed creating these models and even as I write this they are being painted. The Master Praebitorem is one of my favorite characters to date and I plan to expand the group by adding a cart of bodies being pulled by a servitor and a lumbering abomination loading it up.

More pics to follow soon.

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The Penitent Heart

” An Astartes penitence is something more than a thought or an emotion or a tear;

it is action “

PH logo

The Pilgryme by the talented guys at Iron Sleet has been so inspirational and the level of art, converting and painting that has been going on has driven me to come up with my own Pilgryme.

So here he is. The Penitent Heart.

PH 2PH 3PH 1

The Penitent Heart is a former Lamenters Chaplain, who has been sent forth to make his pilgrymage to holy Terra to atone for his chapters miss guided betrayal during the Badab war and seemingly bad fortune that has befallen them since.

It is his chapters belief that if he survives the journey to Terra and gains access to the palace of the Emperor of mankind then the fortunes of his chapter will change. For to take and survive such a dangerous journey surely shows that they are blessed and loved by their Emperor and will take their place in the annuals of hero’s of the Imperium.

lamenters shield