Mag Bellum

Welcome to Mag Bellum. A magnetic tile system ready for 3D printing that allows you to create your battle fields and then store it away easily once battle has been done.

The tiles come in 6×6 and 3×3 sizes with different textures to suit many environments. All the tiles are compatible so you can have out door environments which lead onto indoor areas, which the selection of walls and doorways will help you design. Have a look at the images below of some examples of the possibilities.

Mag Bellum boards by Alex from

Introducing the Mag Tool.

This tool allows you to insert your magnets into your tiles with the minimum of mess. The tool is set up to make sure the magnets are all set to the same polarity, which makes all Mag Bellum tiles compatible. Instructions for it’s use will be provided with every tile download, or you can download it below, and you can purchase them from the store.