Hello and welcome to the shop UK page.


All models are 3D printed in grey resin unless stated otherwise and all prices include shipping in the UK.

Please also note that this is print on demand service so larger items have a week turnaround time. Any delays and I’ll message you.

Thanks for looking and I hope you find something you like.



Creepy Faces

A set of 8 creepy faces. 2 of each size.



40mm Base Toppers

5 x 40mm Base Toppers and a circle sprue with 4 x skulls and 2 x power boxes. Base toppers are cast in grey resin.


Writhing Flesh Statue

1 x Writhing Flesh Statue and 1 x Base



Old Tree

1 x Old Tree. Great for haunted places or dioramas.



Old Tree Stump

1 x Old tree stump. Great for Dioramas




The Plague Shepherd

1 x Grey resin 54mm model and base




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