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More skulls please!!

Right! Because you guys are such a wonderful creative bunch with suitably twisted imaginations I’d like to give you the chance of owning a skull stack by Black Earth



To get one please send me a message with Name, address and blog to and I’ll send one off to you for free. Thats right, FREE!! All I ask is you use them in a post.

Hurry though as I’ve only got 20 to give away at the moment and only one per person is permitted. Once all 20 are taken I shall send them out.

Also 2 of the 20 will be cast in black. Who will get them will be decided by my new borns twitchy waving arm so completely random. If you get one something will follow.

It’ll be great to see what you guys do with them.

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At the moment I have one project which is taking most of my time. The Chapel. More details will come in due time but for now here’s the start of a project that’ll run along side it. symbol

The first character is the Astropath Caecilus “The warp whisperer” and his eyes the cherubium Dorus.

The colour palette for this project will be warm and cool greys from Warcolours translucent range and various washes and inks I have. The idea is to make the characters look as if they are growing out of their surroundings, as if the ground they walk on posseses them.

As always comments are welcome.





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Painted Print

Here’s my 3D printed daemon host Tisiphone all painted and ready to terrorize. The detail the print achieved was really nice and she painted well and in one sitting.

I have another project on the go that uses 3D printing, sculpting and good old hacking up of bits, which I will post up soon.

Let me know what you think 🙂


Daemon host2