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No one is quite sure what Casper is but one thing is for sure, that everyone in The Chapel worker gangs, who maintain the power and produce energy based items, think he’s a complete arsehole. This view is also shared with all who meet him for Casper has a job to do and that job is to keep people in line and motivated. It is unclear whether Casper was given this task or if he just made it up but one thing is clear, Casper loves it.

Whizzing around in Scrutiny, his well armoured and fast chair of office, he can been seen dishing out judgments and setting penance, giving praise and then taking it back, usually with a whack from is scepter and if you’re really unlucky, or deserving, writing your name in his book.

The book is Caspers favorite thing and if your name is entered into it your life will be changed forever as Casper will harass you for as long as you live. This is of course all for your own good and those with their names written seldom step out of line again for if they do Casper will zap you with Scrutiny’s rather large and powerful gun, reducing you to ash.


Although he’s a menace Casper loves his home in The Chapel and will defend it with his life, protecting those he keeps an eye on in the factories and standing with worker gangs that have a problem with outsiders. It has been known for Casper to come flying into a gang dispute and laying waste to the offending party for he will not tolerate any disrespect to his turf and those who toil under him. The joy of the worker gangs triumph is short lived though as Casper writes all the survivors names in his book blaming them for inviting the conflict into his domain.



The servitor Moon has had many a joyful time giving Casper the wrong info and this has always led to summery judgement on those who don’t deserve it, luckily no one has been zapped yet due to Moon’s lack of caring but like everything in The Chapel, it’s only a matter of time.


19 thoughts on “Casper

  1. Casper sounds like a right bastard. You’re creative juices are on fire mate. Keep up the intriguing work.

    1. Thank you kind sir! I will 🙂

  2. Get outta here! So cool.

    This is great, I’m getting all sorts of ideas. Very inspiring work and the conversion and paint job in itself is very good. Together with the background it’s through the roof.

    1. Cheers Thomas! I must say I’m enjoying myself quite a lot 🙂 Can’t wait to see your ideas take shape.

      1. It’ll take a few weeks, I’m away from the bits box I’m afraid. But I’m plotting a conversion in my head as we speak.

      2. Sweet! No rush mate. I have about 6 war bands to make.

      3. I don’t know what I’m going to make. A one off model or a small crew. Is there any rules or restrictions to adhere to?

      4. I’ll post that up soon.

  3. :-0 Dude, that is bonkers… and amazing! Love the concept for this guy, and what a cracking model… brilliant stuff! Are you running this as a collaboration then? How can one get involved?

    1. You just need to design a inq28 style war band to take on The Chapel. I’ll post the requirements soon. I’d love to have you involved 🙂

      1. Count me in dude!

      2. Cool!

  4. Creepy and cool, nice.

    1. Thanks very much!

  5. Excellent conversion, brilliant concept, beautifully painted. Nice work once again mate! As I mentioned a few weeks back I’m very interested in getting involved in this project so I’ll be keeping an eye out for further information on what’s required for a Chapel warband.

    1. Glad to hear it dude. I’ll be posting a list of requirements next week.

  6. […] creativity. The background piece he wrote got me intrigued and when he dropped the Revenant boy and Casper … well, head on over and see for yourself. Also check out IRO’s The Chapel outing here […]

  7. Beautiful work on him/it(?) It is such a wonderful blend of creepy and technological brilliance with a good dash of gothic horror. And your paint job is awesome!

    1. Thanks Joe!

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